2005 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

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2005 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

The Sprinter does not have the typical Mercedes-Benz comfort level, but it leads the passenger van segment when it comes to seating comfort. The ride quality is pretty tough, but a full passenger compartment along with their cargo would probably improve things a lot.
This big car makes a bit of noise on the road, especially when the wind blows through the high windshield and large side mirrors. True, there is not much road or four-cylinder engine sound, even at full throttle. The climate control system handles high temperatures relatively well, which is important for a large group of passengers on the road.
The Sprinter gets high marks from motorists for its abundance of passenger space, conveniently located controls, and better-than-expected visibility. This generation of Sprinter now comes standard with a rear-view camera, which is a big plus, and access to the rear rows is quite easy.

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