2007 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

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2007 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

The new third generation has a choice of two engine types, 2.1 and 3 liters. But the two-liter engine, depending on the modification, has power ranging from 114 to 177 horsepower. The three-liter engine produces 190 horsepower. There is a seven-speed automatic transmission available for all modifications except the front-wheel drive. There is a 9-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel drive. Payload of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is 4.1 tons. The car has as options available serious safety systems, which many competitors in this segment do not have. The Easy Mounting system, which allows for easy dismounting of the seats, is a special feature of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The basic version offers a cargo area of 4 square meters, and in the lengthened versions this figure reaches 7 square meters. The average price for the Sprinter is $11,615,000. The maximum price reaches $47,250.

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