2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

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2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owner's Manual

The latest modification of the Sprinter has received many upgrades and modern technologies. This model gets a brand new diesel engine according to Euro-6 standards. It is powerful and economical, which will allow connoisseurs of the van to feel all the efforts of the manufacturer. Also this engine became much quieter and has no strong vibrations in comparison with the previous models. In addition, the engine works with the new transmission: 7 and 9 gears in the automatic transmission . All hydraulic systems have been updated, so traction is virtually non-existent when shifting gears.
The 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, is made as a cargo van or as a passenger vehicle. For extra fees, various safety and comfort systems are installed, which undoubtedly makes this vehicle one of the best in its class. It will also have all-wheel drive and a new sliding side door system.

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