2010 Mercedes-Benz R Class Owner's Manual

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2010 Mercedes-Benz R Class Owner's Manual

The R-Class in its latest generation set the record for top speed among minivans, accelerating to 266 kilometers per hour. There is a choice of one diesel engine with a generating capacity of 265 horsepower. And two petrol engines with output of 272 and 388 hp. The truck is roomy enough, if you open all the seats except the front ones, the volume will be 2436 liters. In the seven-seat version under the trunk will be 414 liters. Interior is made of expensive materials – natural, expensive wood, there are inserts of aluminum. Comfort in the car of the level of representative sedan models. Similar models to which the R-Class competes are Opel Zafira, Chrysler Grand Voyager, and Toyota Hiace. The price for the 2010 model ranges from $5,764,000 to $7,850 (dealer retail).

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