2013 Mercedes-Benz S Class Owner's Manual

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2013 Mercedes-Benz S Class Owner's Manual

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Mercedes-Benz S-Class) is an F1 class sedan with rear or all-wheel drive. The premiere of the sixth generation of the model with the factory index W222 took place in May 2013 in Hamburg.

Starting work on the next generation of the S-Class, the engineers of the German company discarded a lot of what they were used to before in order to start, as they say, from scratch. And they started with a platform that was created as long as possible so that for some modifications it could be shortened, and not vice versa, as before. The sedan is now 5116 or 5246 mm long, 1899 mm wide and 1491 mm high. Consequently, the car became a little larger, but it did not gain weight from this. On the contrary, the mass of the S-Class has decreased by almost 100 kg, while at the same time the body rigidity has increased by as much as 50%. A large amount of aluminum in the design of the car helped to achieve this result. In particular, the entire body is made of it.

The designers did a good job too. Thanks to carefully calibrated shapes, the S-Class is not only elegant, but also aerodynamically efficient. The drag coefficient of the car is 0.24, which, of course, is a very, very worthy indicator.

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