2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Owner's Manual

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2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Owner's Manual

The new exterior of the triumphant Mercedes GLK 2014, has almost got rid of angularity and got new optics and additional features of smart assistants. The crossover SUV now looks sportier and has a place to compete on the market with similar models.
The comfort of the interior makes you feel like a king of the road. The meticulousness of German cars is clearly present here. The colors are noble and the quality of materials is incredibly high. The interior is very spacious and it is not surprising, because this is a luxury car. Leather seats do not slip under the passenger and it is very pleasantly soft. The upholstery features inserts that are illuminated, and the lighting can be chosen from a wide range of colors. The main console is equipped with high-quality displays in the form of a tablet. The center console divides the space between the driver and the front passenger. In the standard configuration, only the driver’s seat is electrically operated.

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