2019 Mercedes C300 Owner's Manual

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2019 Mercedes C300 Owner's Manual

In 2019, Mercedes updated the C300 model.It received new bodies, of which there are 4 types: sedan, coupe, station wagon or convertible as desired. Its dimensions have become larger, which has increased the trunk. And as always, manufacturers have worked on the interior. The bodies are slightly different depending on the configuration, but it is still the same C300. The more expensive – both bumpers have a unique design, which makes the car more sporty.

There are more changes in the interior. There is already a panoramic roof and a multimedia steering wheel as standard. It has buttons for cruise control and volume control. Media complex is a 7-inch touchscreen display. The more expensive versions already have a projection screen, which does not distract the driver at all and can be controlled by voice. The C300 2019 has an upgraded automatic piloting system with an improved camera and a larger radius. There are also safety assistants that do their job reliably.

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