2020 Mercedes GLE 350 Owner's Manual

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2020 Mercedes GLE 350 Owner's Manual

The new GLE 350 for the 2020 model year is the fourth generation of the famous SUV. This model is based on a completely new platform, which has a 30% stiffer suspension, thanks to the cast-aluminum units used for the front and rear supports.

The exterior and interior design have also been redesigned. Body coloring of the free options are white and black. Seven more metallic colors are offered for an extra fee. Inside the cabin, in the driver’s seat, you can get through a huge door. And the first thing that catches your eye is a large dual display: multimedia and a digital dashboard. The front seats have changed slightly and become slightly sportier thanks to the side support.

The main console, similar to other Mercedes models, but with its own twist. Especially since the trim shades are in gray and blue. Rear space is more than enough to accommodate 3 large passengers. If you fold the rear row, the trunk will be large – 2050 liters. If necessary, you can install a back row, but it is suitable only for children.

Engines are available in a wide range. The strongest of them are capable of pulling 3.5 tons in tow. The cost of this car starts at $62,000.

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