2021 Mercedes Benz V-Class Owner's Manual

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2021 Mercedes Benz V-Class Owner's Manual

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class first went on sale in the mid-’90s and was a converted van that could comfortably carry several people. Now that most conventional minivans can carry seven, there is always the problem of space in the very back seats. In the V-Class, however, all passengers had plenty of room to stretch out in comfort, in a cabin that was built with the high quality materials you expect from a brand like Mercedes-Benz.
The second generation appeared in 2004, and with it the new name Viano. It was available with six, seven or eight seats and could be arranged in various configurations, with rows of seats behind each other, and the middle row could be rotated to face the very rear passengers. It proved extremely popular with corporate cabs, transporting executives in luxurious comfort, and because of its size and sliding doors, all passengers-regardless of seating arrangement-could access the seats more easily than other MPV competitors.

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