2022 Mercedes Benz V-Class Owner's Manual

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2022 Mercedes Benz V-Class Owner's Manual

This series of minivans has been produced since 1996 until today. There are a total of 3 generations of minivans, with the latest in production since 2014. All cars are called Vito, which is a reference to the Spanish city where it is produced, Victoria.
The capacity in the new third-generation models (2019) is impressive, with a luggage compartment of 1,030 liters, which increases to 4,030 liters when the seats are folded down. A variety of 2.1-liter diesel engine options are available, with outputs ranging from 136 to 190 horsepower. And one 2-liter gasoline engine that generates 211 horsepower. Fuel consumption is small for this segment, ranging from 6.3 to 6.8 liters. In the basic version, the car seats 6 people, but different variants are available in which 8 seats will be available. Similar models and competitors from other manufacturers are Volkswagen Multivan, Fiat Ducato, Chrysler Pacifica. Dealer retail prices start at $33,153,000.

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