2023 Mercedes-Benz C Class Owner's Manual

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2023 Mercedes-Benz C Class Owner's Manual

The C-class model got an expensive flagship saloon in 2022 and a modified exterior. This model is now equipped with 2 engines of 1.5 liters, but with different power: 150 and 197 horsepower. Together with them works a 9-speed automatic transmission. The drive is still rear. With its large weight, the C-Class has a good consumption – it is up to 9 liters in the city and up to 5 liters on the highway on 95 gasoline. Besides usual engines, there is a 48-power electric motor, which allows saving fuel not badly. But the price of the car is slightly increased because of it.

The cost of the whole C-Class begins from $32,000. From the assembly line, the entire series of this model is equipped with a sports suspension with reinforced stabilizers, but for an extra fee, it can be equipped with pneumatics, which is synchronized with the onboard computer and controlled by the display. The manufacturers have promised that this model will be produced as a station wagon, but not in 2022.

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