Mercedes Benz EQB-Class Owner's Manuals

Mercedes-Benz EQB (Mercedes-Benz IKyuBi) is a front- or all-wheel drive electric crossover of the K2 class. The first generation of the model. The premiere of the car took place on September 6, 2021.

Built on the same MRA 2 hybrid platform as the fuel-powered GLB, the EQB crossover is an electric copy of the latter, only adjusted for improved aerodynamics and, of course, “electric” elements in the external and internal design. The EQB measures 4,684mm in length with a 2,829mm wheelbase, with an optional third row of seats.

The third row, consisting of two seats designed for passengers no more than 1.65 m tall (while there are attachments for child seats), can be removed. The second row of the electric crossover moves horizontally (in the range of 140 mm, which is an option in a two-row car), and also has reclining backrests (standard equipment). Folded in a ratio of 40:20:40, the folded rear sofa provides a compartment of 1710 liters, while in the stowed state the trunk volume is 495 liters.

Yes, and the front of the cabin almost exactly repeats that of the GLB: the MBUX multimedia system has two 10.25-inch screens (dashboard and touchscreen, in the maximum version), the steering wheel is equipped with only two touch buttons, the rest are physical, on the central tunnel exactly the same There is also a touchpad that can control MBUX.

As for the power plants, there are three available for the car. The base one is one asynchronous electric motor located on the front axle – EQB 250. The intermediate version has all-wheel drive – this is the EQB 300 4Matic, in which a synchronous electric motor (228 hp, 390 Nm) is installed on the rear axle. The top version also has four-wheel traction – EQB 350 4Matic (292 hp and 510 Nm), it can accelerate to the first 100 km / h in 6.2 s.