Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Owner's Manuals

Mercedes-Benz GLS – all-wheel drive SUV class “K3”. The world premiere of the X167 model took place at the New York Auto Show in April 2019.

Built on the new MHA (Mercedes High Architecture) platform, the third generation GLS has significantly increased in size: +77 mm in length (5207 mm), +22 mm in width (1956 mm) and + 60 mm between the axles (3135 mm). At the same time, with its dimensions, the GLS will easily outshine the new X7, whose length and wheelbase are 5151 mm and 3105 mm, respectively.

In appearance, the large crossover resembles the current GLE, which is not surprising, since it is essentially a larger and more luxurious version of the latter.

Hence the identical interior, or rather its front part: a steering wheel, a center console with a touchpad and two 12.3-inch displays (on the left is a virtual dashboard, on the right is the MBUX multimedia system).

But the back of the GLS is a different weight class. Due to the increased dimensions, the space between the first and second row has been increased by as much as 87 mm. The second row itself is presented either in the form of a three-seater sofa (with massage, heating, ventilation and electric adjustments), or in the form of two separate American-style chairs.

The third row in the GLS is available by default. And according to the manufacturer, it will comfortably accommodate passengers with a height of at least 194 cm. Another pleasant thing is its own seat heating, several USB connectors and separate air duct deflectors (five-zone climate).

Please GLS and trunk volume – from 355 to 2400 liters (with the third and third rows folded). Moreover, in terms of the last parameter, it surpasses its main, new competitor from Bavaria by as much as 280 liters.

Of course, there were some innovations – Mercedes, after all. Car wash mode. Fans of automatic car washes will like this “feature”, because at the touch of a button, the car will prepare itself for water procedures: it will fold mirrors, close windows and sunroof, turn off the rain sensor and set the air conditioner to the desired work.

At the top of the engine range is a 4-liter V8 (M177) in the performance of the GLS 580. A car with this engine will develop 489 hp. 700 Nm and accelerate to the first hundred in just 4.9 seconds. Next comes a more modest version of the GLS 450 with a 3-liter M256 for 367 forces and 500 Nm. In this case, both presented versions are the so-called “mild hybrids”. In our country, most likely, an in-line six-cylinder diesel engine 2.9 (OM656) will be in demand. Such a unit is available in two versions at once: GLS 350d – 286 hp. 600 Nm and GLS 400d – 330 hp 700 Nm. All versions of the large crossover are equipped with the proprietary 9G-Tronic “automatic”.

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive now connects the front axle with a multi-plate clutch. However, the optional Off-Road package, which has a lower row and imitation of blocking, remained in service.

All GLSs come standard with Airmatic air suspension. But the “cunning” optional hydropneumatic suspension E-Active Body Control deserves special attention. The peculiarity of this suspension is that it is able to control each wheel separately. At high speeds, the system will help fight rolls, and on the off-road section it will be able to align the position of the body in advance. If, nevertheless, the car is stuck, the system will turn on the “lowrider” mode (it will simulate the buildup), which should eventually help to get out of the trap.