2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA Owner's Manual

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2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA Owner's Manual

The interior of the updated GLA-Class has remained virtually unchanged, if you do not take into account the changed instrument layout on the driver’s panel and the chrome frame at the top of the on-board computer. Depending on the equipment, it can display the weather forecast, sports news or your iPhone’s playlist. In addition, drivers will appreciate the extended list of finishing materials.

As additional equipment, the GLA-Class can be equipped with a surround view system that allows you to look at the car from 7 different angles, including a top view.
The 4MATIC all-wheel drive – optional for the GLA 200 CDI, GLA 220 CDI and GLA 250 – convinces not only off-road. An element of the 4MATIC package is also a special driving program for

off-road: modified drive characteristics improve traction, especially on loose ground. And Hill Descent Control (DSR) helps the driver navigate steep descents safely and in control.

The GLA-Class is available with five diesel units ranging from 109 to 170 hp, as well as four petrol units starting at 156 hp. and ends at 360 “horses” for the AMG version of the car. Depending on the modification, they work with two types of gearboxes: a proprietary 7G-DCT β€œrobot” or a 6-speed manual.

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