Mercedes Benz A-Class Owner's Manuals

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan – class “C” sedan with front or all-wheel drive (index V177). The presentation for the European market, the fourth generation of the sedan model, took place on October 1, 2018 in Paris.

Exterior A-Class Sedan, with the exception of the rear, completely repeats the hatchback. These are all the same smooth and dynamic forms with boomerangs in the form of running lights in the front optics. Characteristic design features can be traced in other more expensive and older models. For example, having a price difference of almost two times, the front of the car is easy to confuse with the front of the CLS-a.

The Germans are also proud of the body itself, which was recognized as the most aerodynamically streamlined among all production cars, its coefficient is 0.22 (0.25 for the hatchback), while this figure is 0.23 for the CLA.

The interior of the car clearly shows that the future that we have seen in science fiction films has already arrived. Indeed, even in the most “affordable” version, there is an exclusively virtual instrument panel, which in more expensive trim levels is combined into a single display with the central screen of the latest multimedia system (MBUX). The size, by the way, is at the level of 10.25 inches. You can manage the latter both by pressing the touch screen and using the touchpad separately displayed on the center console. But this is all nonsense compared to the new assistant, which is activated after the words: “Hey, Mercedes” (works like Siri in the iPhone). The system is able to automatically adjust to the driver, analyze routes, select music, set temperature, lighting, and much more.

As for various security systems, A-shka will give odds to many in this matter. After all, it is one of the first to be developed in the new technology center TFS (Technology Center for Vehicle Safety), where real indicators and assessment of situations after various accidents are taken into account as the basis for development and all improvements, which systems such as the third level autopilot are designed to avoid ( is able to keep a distance to the car in front, steer within the lane, and outside it keep the trajectory by analyzing the roadway and the position of other road users), Brake Assist (in case of a dangerous situation, it gives a signal and prepares the car, and in a critical situation it will take control of the brakes and will try to avoid an accident), dead zone monitoring sensor and many others.

To give a feeling of greater confidence and additional comfort when driving, such pleasant “buns” will help: full-LED Multibeam LED headlights (allow you to constantly move with high beams on), a real head-up display, an all-round camera, Apple CarPlay and wireless charging for your smartphone.

The sedan, like the hatchback, is built on the same MFA platform and has McPherson struts in front, and in the back, depending on the power plants, it can be either semi-independent with a torsion beam or multi-link suspension. In all-wheel drive versions, the rear axle is connected using a clutch.

Three engines are currently available for the A-Class Saloon. Two petrol: 1.3 (M282) developed jointly with the Renault-Nissan alliance, develops 163 hp. and 250 Nm (A200) and 2.0 (M260) with a power of 190 hp. 350 Nm in the A220 version and boosted to 224 hp but with the same moment of 350 Nm in the A250 version. There is only one diesel version so far, this is the A180d with a 1.5 engine (OM608) also developed jointly with Renault-Nissan. The output of such an engine is 116 hp. and 260 Nm. All versions, with the exception of the A200, are paired with a 7-speed DCT “robot”. The A200 version is equipped with a 6-speed “mechanics”.