Mercedes-Benz GLC Owner's Manuals

Mercedes-Benz GLC (Mercedes-Benz GLC) – crossover class “K2”. Another generation of the pid index X254 model was presented in linden 2022.

The best-selling Mercedes is not “Gelik”, and call on the S-Class, but the GLC crossover. For the entire hour of picking (to rob the GLK model as a receiver of the GLC) more than 2.6 million units came from the conveyor! Tsikavo, how can a new generation with the X254 index continue to be successful?

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is 61 mm lower (4716 mm) and 4 mm lower (1640 mm) behind the front. The width of the body was left unchanged (1890 mm), with which the front and rear wheels were increased by 6 mm (1627 mm) and 23 mm (1640 mm) obviously. The trunk holds up to 620 liters.

As you can see, the GLC is close to a passenger C-class model. Therefore, we will enclose similar design solutions, all the “buns” like in “Cesch” are now available to the crossover, including the original version of the MBUX systems.

The GLC was inspired on the MRA modular platform: in front – a classic double scheme, in the back – a rich one. In the base – springs, for an extra charge – sports suspension, Offroad Engineering package (+20 mm clearance) and pneuma.

Forward, a compact crossover like Mercedes having taken off the rear axle (the wheels turn 4.5 degrees).

The motor line is composed of less “soft hybrids” GLC 200 (204 hp and 320 Nm), GLC 300 (258 hp and 400 Nm) and GLC 200d (197 hp and 440 Nm) 48-volt starter-generator, which briefly adds 23 k.s. and 200 Nm.

In gamma and socket versions: GLC 300e (313 k.s. and 550 Nm), GLC 400e (381 k.s. and 650 Nm) and GLC 300de (333 k.s. and 750 Nm). Such crossovers DVZ have an electric motor for 136 k.s. that 440 Nm to the moment. The power reserve on electric power storage is up to 100 km according to the WLTP cycle.