Mercedes W169 Owner's Manual

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Mercedes W169 Owner's Manual

The history of the model begins in 1997. The main idea of the engineers was that in a frontal collision, the engine with the transmission would not go into the cabin, but under it, at least under the rear passengers. That’s why they sit 20 cm higher than the front ones. The saloon has an excellent ability to transform. Rear seats can be folded in 36 positions. Which allows you to maximize cargo space.

With the emergence of new model series Mercedes W169 acquires new electronic technology and gradually improving safety systems. This model has always received high marks in crash tests. In the 2000s, three door models were produced. The main advantage of the car, it’s thruster rear suspension, although originally it was an idea of another manufacturer. The choice of engines is very diverse. Motors are diesel and gasoline, working with both mechanical and automatic. Environmental emissions are kept to a minimum and the Mercedes W169 gets the Euro 4 standard.

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