Mercedes GLA 250 Owner's Manual

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Mercedes GLA 250 Owner's Manual

This model is an all-wheel drive crossover designed for driving in moderately extreme road conditions. The car is equipped with a four-cylinder hex-valve engine with the option of auto-heating. The engine output is 211 horsepower. Maximum power is reached at 5500 rpm and is 155 kW. The engine volume is 1991 cc. The engine is quite environmentally friendly and belongs to Euro-6 class and runs on Ai-95 gasoline. Interior trim is made of good quality fabric with an option of leather or combined cloth-leather trim. Almost full electric package provides the implementation of many standard and additional options necessary for comfort and safety. The advantages of this model include agility, acceleration time to 100 km / h (7.1 seconds), ground clearance (154 mm), appearance, handling and economy. As for the disadvantages, they also have a place. This is increased noise in the cabin, rigid suspension, vibration of plastic parts in the cabin, creating extraneous noise, poor ergonomics for tall (from 190 cm) people, high maintenance costs. Manufacturer’s options start from $30,000. IT COSTS $30,000. Among competitors there are cars of equal price and similar class. Among them: AUDI Q3, BMW X1, Infiniti QX30

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