2022 Mercedes-Benz B Class Owner's Manual

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2022 Mercedes-Benz B Class Owner's Manual

Despite the enlarged body of 2022 Mercedes-Benz B Class, the volume of the trunk has decreased to 1,540 liters, with the rear seats completely folded down. But now it will be more comfortable for the driver, especially with the new digital technologies. The entire cabin is in two colors. The upper parts of the plastic, it is a black material pleasant to look and feel.

The lower part of the plastic is close to a light gray color. The seats are already leather, even as standard. The instrument panel and media center are digital touchscreen displays of incredible quality. Below the display, there are three large deflectors for the full operation of the three-zone climate control.

A series of compact cars, production of which began in 2005. It is produced with a five-door hatchback body type. The size is slightly larger than the A-Class. During the entire period of production has received numerous awards, including the best design (in 2008).

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