2004 Mercedes-Benz G Class Owner's Manual

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2004 Mercedes-Benz G Class Owner's Manual

And on the road, Mercedes-Benz G-Class cars impress with their excellent dynamic qualities. Their excellent handling is based on the perfect balance between the settings of the chassis, gearbox, engine and wheel suspension. Additional safety and stability are provided by the electronic stabilization system ESP and the emergency braking system BAS. The G-Class is the only vehicle in the world to be equipped with 4ETS electronic traction control and three 100% locking differentials at the same time.

As soon as you get into the interior of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a feeling of extraordinary spaciousness immediately arises. The characteristic high seating position ensures excellent visibility in all directions at all times, while the instrument panel design makes driving easy and effortless. The love of the brand’s specialists for details is also manifested in the performance of the steering wheel, which is covered with leather and, as it should be, leans up, making it easier for the driver to get out of the car.

In terms of comfort, the seats in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class are simply flawless. The front seats, thanks to the electric drive, allow you to set a personal setting for the position and height of the seat. In addition, seat heating and a central armrest between the front seats with an integrated storage box and cup holders are also fitted as standard on the G-Class.

This service deserves five stars.

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