2018 Mercedes CLA 250 Owner's Manual

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2018 Mercedes CLA 250 Owner's Manual

The three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star is one of the most recognizable luxury badges in the world. The fact that it usually costs you a decent amount to buy is well known, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to the 2018 CLA-Class. For about the same price as a non-luxury sedan, you can get a lot of Mercedes charm and quality. And for most buyers, that might be enough.

The 2018 Mercedes CLA 250 interior design is traditional in the sense that it is not flashy, but surprising in its ease of use. Limited access to the rear seats and limited space, as well as poor visibility, worsened the rating for the CLA from motorists in this category.

The interior of the car has a large infotainment screen, clear gauges and a comfortable climate control with knob and button. You will love or hate the gearshift lever, there is no third option.

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 is priced at $33,600.

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