Mercedes-Benz C118 Owner's Manual

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Mercedes-Benz C118 Owner's Manual

The Mercedes-Benz C118 architecture of the cabin will not surprise you – the panel with two displays, the air duct turbines, the design of the steering wheel, and the MBUX system itself are very familiar to us from the A-Class. Stop though. The latter has been significantly improved here: a voice recognition function has appeared, gesture control has been added, and in the end, Mercedes began to understand a much larger number of phrases. But that’s not the most impressive thing.

At the World Mobile Phone Congress 2019, Mercedes CLA entertained guests with a Mario Kart game built into the multimedia system, where you need to use the steering wheel and pedals as controls, and air comes out of the air vents, the intensity of which depends on the speed of the car in the game. In addition, interior LED interior lighting switches from red to green at the start of a race. Finally, when the race starts, the seat belt is tightened. This “chip” is unlikely to get into mass production, but it perfectly demonstrates the wide possibilities of MBUX.

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