Mercedes W223 Owner's Manual

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Mercedes W223 Owner's Manual

Like the previous generation, the W223 is offered in two body lengths: the length of the standard version is 5179 mm (increased by 54 mm), the extended version is 5289 mm (by 34 mm). The wheelbase has also changed: 3106 mm and 3216 mm (plus 71 and 51 mm, respectively). But not only the dimensions have changed; the aerodynamic drag index Cd has also been improved, which is now 0.22. This was facilitated not only by the shape of the body, but also by such details as door handles completely recessed into the body (however, they are optional equipment).

Inside, with the change of generations, almost everything has changed: the architecture of the front panel, and the design of the door cards (both front and rear), and digital tools, and finishing materials. The central tunnel remained massive, but it also lost the branded touchpad and puck. But now it has an 11.9- or 12.8-inch OLED (depending on the configuration) vertical touch tablet, which is responsible for various settings of the car’s systems, as well as climate control. The standard 12.3-inch display on the dashboard can (optionally) display a three-dimensional image. It is created using two cameras that follow the direction of the driver’s gaze. Thanks to the same cameras, the driver’s face is recognized, respectively, his profile settings are applied (however, Mercedes can also recognize the user by fingerprint and voice). The icing on the cake is a projection display, which in a more advanced version creates a “picture” of additional reality (for example, it projects a pointer to the right place to turn in real time).

The front seats can be equipped with 19 electric motors (four of which are responsible for massage, five for ventilation), have ten massage programs, and in addition, the front seat alone can be equipped with four airbags (an airbag mounted at the rear of the front seat should prevent serious injury to the rear passenger in a frontal collision). The back row is designed either for three, or consists of two seats, completely separated by a central tunnel. The back row also gets ventilation and massage, and in the most advanced version of the long-wheelbase model, the back of the rear right seat can recline up to 43.5 degrees (not to mention the ottoman function with leg support). Passengers behind are offered their own 11.6-inch touchscreen displays and a 7-inch remote tablet.

The body frame of the W223 has a hybrid structure of high-strength steels and aluminum (more than 50% of the latter in this generation). A four-link scheme is installed at the front, and a multi-link scheme at the rear; Airmatic air suspension (air chambers with ADS+ adaptive shock absorbers) is included in the basic package. It maintains ground clearance regardless of the vehicle load, and also changes it depending on the speed and the selected driving mode.

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