2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS Owner's Manual

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2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS Owner's Manual

The third generation CLS, built on the MRA (Modular Rear Architecture) platform – already known from the E-Class, brought significant changes both in technical (other engines) and in design terms (external and internal design), while leaving the key message of the model – power in an elegant suit.

Three power plants are offered for the CLS – a diesel engine of varying degrees of forcing and a gasoline engine with an additional electric power plant. The CLS 350 d 4Matic version is equipped with a 3-liter OM 656 turbodiesel producing 286 hp. and 600 Nm of torque. The same engine on the CLS 400 d 4Matic version already produces 340 hp. With. and 700 Nm of torque. The CLS 450 4Matic version is equipped with a gasoline engine – this is an in-line 3-liter “six” M 256, producing 367 hp. With. and 500 Nm. The motor is equipped with an electric compressor and an EQ Boost starter-generator, powered by a 48-volt battery. The electric motor for a short time, for example, during acceleration, can add another 22 hp to the power of the internal combustion engine. With. and 250 Nm of torque. The starter-generator is also capable of starting the engine at speed when coasting, as well as storing energy through recuperation. All versions are equipped with a 9-speed “automatic” 9G-TRONIC and all-wheel drive. The declared acceleration of the more powerful diesel version is exactly 5 seconds, while the fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 5.6-5.9 liters per “hundred”.

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